2016 Film: Kristen Stewart In The Rain, Steve Carell Fat Suit

Production continues on Woody Allen’s 2016 film. Today was the second day of production in New York, with Kristen Stewart and Steve Carell spotted on set.

Stewart was spotted in a new green outfit – so we’ve moved on from reshoots. It was raining in Brooklyn today, and the crew had to brace the rain during the shoot. It is unclear if New York is still doubling for LA.

Carell was on set, and we can now see under the suit was a fatsuit! That little blue thing he has been carrying is a fan, because it must get hot.


A couple of lucky fans managed to get a photo of Stewart during downtime, as well as Carell.





Finally, the Daily Mail reckons that Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence were both offered the Stewart role.

Otherwise, a pretty uneventful day on the set, and still no sign of the rest of the cast. It just goes to show that the level of talent is willing to take small roles to work with Allen.

Shooting will continue in New York through to October.

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