2016 Film: First Look At Kristen Stewart With Jesse Eisenberg


The 2016 film written and directed by Woody Allen is currently in production in Los Angeles. We now have our first look at Kristen Stewart, alongside Jesse Eisenberg.

Stewart looks fantastic in her vintage outfit. Along with scenes with Eisenberg, Stewart also filmed a scene in a very cool vintage car. Anyway, here’s some of the billion posts on social media about it (Kristen Stewart fans on social media are simply amazing by the way).

No sign of any of the other stars, although the location looks quite public. Eisenberg has been the only one on set every day. Some are saying this was filmed in Pasadena, some say Beverly Hills.

The car number plates say California. So we can probably safely assume now that this part of the film is actually set in California as well.

One extra also tweeted her costume and talked about working with Bruce Willis.


Not any revealing details. Have Eisenberg and Stewart been paired as romantic leads again? Does look like it.


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  1. I am having the impression Eisenberg is the protagonist and Stewart the female lead / co-lead. Is there any confirmation?

    Willis must have a large part too.

    1. I think you’re right. They were the first three cast so they must play important roles. People speculating Willis is Eisenbergs father as well.

  2. Thanks for the answer. I was expecting Willis to be someone from the organized crime but based on his outfits, he’s not. So that makes sense.

    Is there any more speculation?

    1. No. And we are still just guessing as well. With so many cast members, it could be like Hannah And Her Sisters where lots of characters have their own storyline.

  3. According to IMDB Judy Davis is now also in this! I wonder where that came from? Maybe she’s replacing someone last minute (like Jeannie Berlin?)

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