Irrational Man Box Office: Strong Opening Weekend


Irrational Man is the 45th film written and directed by Woody Allen. It opened this past weekend in selected cinemas in New York and Los Angeles. It had a strong opening weekend at the box office.

Irrational Man‘ opened in 5 theatres and earned $188,115. It’s per theatre average sits at $37,623.

It is the highest per theatre average this week, over twice as high as number 2, ‘Ant-Man‘. In fact, it looks like the highest per theatre average all year, narrowly beating out the documentary ‘Amy‘.

This means it tracks ahead of last year’s Magic In the Moonlight, but well behind the acclaimed Blue Jasmine. It is, of course, sitting as Allen’s lowest earning film to date so far, but it should takeover September‘s $486k in no time.

In fact, it trails behind other acclaimed and comparable indie films by its stars in recent years. ‘Inherent Vice‘, ‘The Master‘ and ‘Her‘ (Joaquin Phoenix), as well as ‘Birdman‘ (Emma Stone) all debuted much higher.

Both USA Today and Deadline called the result strong, although it seems fairly on par for Allen.

Critics have been all over the place with the film. 54% on Rotten Tomatoes but 7.4 on IMDB – so tough to tell if word of mouth will carry. It is tracking better than ‘Magic…‘ so we would punt that ‘Irrational Man‘ will exceed that film’s $10 million.

Irrational Man‘ rolls out into more US cities in July, before going wide on 7th August.

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