The Stand-Up Years 1964-1968 New Interview, Clips And Review


A new compilation of Woody Allen’s stand-up is released next week. Called The Stand-Up Years 1964-1968, it collects the three stand-up albums Allen released in the 60s, with some new bonus features courtesy of Robert Weide, director of Woody Allen A Documentary. We have a new interview with Weide as well as the first review of the set.

Weide spoke to the Wall Street Journal, who ran a larger profile piece on the new collection.

There is some new information. Previous collections were edited by Allen himself, but this new collection features the original vinyl tracks. The bonus features – interviews Weide conducted with Allen for ‘…A Documentary‘ – also features material not yet released.

Weide on Allen’s current view on his old stand-up material.

As uncomfortable as he is watching his old movies, he’s 10 times more uncomfortable with his old stand up,” says Mr. Weide. “It really pains him. To the point where when I did the documentary—a three and a half-hour documentary—all he asked was that I take out a couple of stand-up bits.

The Wall Street Journal also has a clip of ‘The Moose‘, one of Allen’s most famous stand-up routines, which we can’t embed. Two other clips, taken from the bonus features, are below. One has Allen discussing Mort Sahl, the other his managers Jack Rollins and Charles Joffe.

Consequence Of Sound also has the first review, giving the new package B+.

Amidst all the hype, legacy, and scandal surrounding Woody Allen as a brand-name writer, director, actor, neurotic, and potentially dubious family man, Allen above all has been a consummate joke maker. He’s just always been an incredibly funny guy.

Listening to The Stand-Up Years 1964-1968 is a delightful timepiece and a fabulously constructed best-of portrait of Woody Allen.

The Stand-Up Years: 1964-1968‘ is released by Razor & Tie on 13th January 2015. It will be available on CD and download in the US only.

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