Magic In the Moonlight Wk3: $3 Million Box Office, New Clip, New Posters


It’s been three weeks since the release of Magic In the Moonlight, the latest film written and directed by Woody Allen. We have a box office update

Magic In the Moonlight‘ has now earned $3,145,087 worldwide. A massive bulk ($2.8m) comes from the US. The rest is made up from Belgium, Czech Republic and Norway.

Next week is a big expansion for ‘Magic…’, with the film opening wide across America. It usually proves to be the biggest week for an Allen film. There’s also other markets such as Denmark and Singapore opening this week.

Rotten Tomatoes also have a an exclusive clip named Do You Like To Travel. It features Hamish Linklater and Emma Stone. Unfortunately we can’t embed so click through to watch it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.47.52 pm

Finally, some ‘Magic In the Moonlight‘ posters from around the world.

From Poland.


From Spain.


We will have another update next week!

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  1. It’s fantastic, everything I hoped for. It’s a metaphysical mystery, with dialogue about philosophy, a fantastic soundtrack, stunning scenes of rural France and old estates, the gorgeous co-stars Colin Firth and Emma Stone (both great actors who do quite well in these roles) , and it leaves you with lots to think about. Of course, it has many of Woody Allen’s recurrent themes in his films, but the fact that he’s one of the only filmmakers who makes it his obsession to discuss metaphysics is exactly why I like his films so much. I think he’s done four really good films in a row now: Midnight in Paris, To Rome With Love, Blue Jasmine, and now Magic In The Moonlight. Don’t miss it; it’s instantly become one of my favorite Allen movies!

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