VOTW: Trixie From Bullets Over Broadway On CBS New York

There are many performances in the Bullets Over Broadway Musical that are getting acclaim – Helene Yorke, Marin Mazzie, Zach Braff. But none seem to have pleased the audience as much as Trixie, an 8 pound Pomeranian, who has been stealing the show.

Trixie plays Mr Woofles, the constant companion of Eden Brent (originally played by Tracey Ullman, now played by Karen Ziemba on stage).

Our video this week is a CBS New York morning segment with Bill Berloni, Trixie’s trainer and a professional animal wrangler for Broadway. Berloni has a new book out called ‘Broadway Tails‘.

Goddamn that dog is cute.

We like how they have already declared ‘Bullets Over Broadway‘ is already a massive hit. Berloni gives some interesting insights into how to train animals for the stage, and all the animals he uses are retrained strays.

Bullets Over Broadway‘ is currently in previews in NYC. It opens on 10th April.

…we want to see it so bad.

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  1. Let us have a moment of silence of Mary’s dog Waffles in Manhattan. I’m sure he past away many years ago, but his remarkable performance in Manhattan should be acknowledged. He was great in his little restaurant scene. It looked like Mary had bought him some hamburger patties to take home and chow down on. He listened attentively as Isaac informed Mary that his book was about decaying values. Certainly a nice scene.

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