VOTW: Fading Gigolo Q&A With John Turturro And Vanessa Paradis

John Turturro has been working very hard, out promoting his new film Fading Gigolo, which co-stars Woody Allen. He has taken himself around the world, and is now back in the states. With co-star Vanessa Paradis, they sat down for a Q&A with Film Independent before a screening. It’s a lengthy half hour full of nice moments, and it’s our video of the week.

Funny things we learn: Paradis’s portrayal of a Hasidic Jew was so convincing that it fooled Allen. How Elaine Stritch helped inspire a character and a film. And plenty of anecdotes on filming with Woody Allen.

Fading Gigolo opens in the US on 18th April 2014 – just under a week!

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  1. I’m really feelin’ Tuturro’s leg positions in the above video. The fact that, doing press for the film, he spends a healthy amount of time “spread-eagle” during this interview proves that he might still be in character.

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