Fading Gigolo Wk1: $3.5m Box Office, New Reviews


Fading Gigolo, the new film from John Turturro, celebrates it’s first week of release. It has opened in a number of countries and has had a healthy week at the box office. The release has also attracted plenty of new reviews.

We already reported on the great weekend ‘Fading Gigolo‘ had in the US. It ended it’s first week on a very decent $244,493 in just 5 theatres. Internationally, the film has earned another $3.3 million, with Italy ($1.9m) and France ($1.3m) leading the charge.

That brings ‘Fading Gigolo‘s worldwide box office total to $3,566,229.

The new release brings in new reviews. Overall, the reviews have been mildly positive. Metacritic has a given it a score of 57, Rotten Tomatoes gives it 55% and IMDB a score of 6.3.

This week sees the film open in many more cinemas in New York and Los Angeles. It also opens in Spain, Australia and Hungary. It should make a big difference to the box office.

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  1. This movie finally opens here in Dallas this weekend. I’m excited. This looks to be a great New York picture. It looks, feels, and sounds like old-school New York Woody in a way…and there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course it is Turturro’s picture and we are all grateful for that. He had a vision and he worked hard to bring that vision to life. He and his team did a great job. Hopefully Turturro will continue to write and direct well into the future. Bravo John!!!!

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