VOTW: 13 Minute French Interview With Woody Allen About ‘Manhattan’

Indiewire have posted a new video, a 13 minute interview with Woody Allen from 1979. Conducted in France, it captures Allen out promoting Manhattan.

It’s a pretty good interview with some nice insights. Most interesting is Allen talking about how Paris, how he could see himself making a film there (decades before he did) and what he eats in Paris. He talks about making dramas like the recent Interiors. But he looks tired as well, and definitely in a serious mode. This is not the funny talk show sixties Allen.

Shortly after this, Allen gave up the gruelling publicity circuit altogether, only doing the odd key interview, and only for some of his films. So any of these interviews are rare and precious.

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  1. I don’t blame Woody for not really doing the publicity circuit for his films. I’m sure he still does some promo, but so many of these Directors and actors just answer the same old six or eight questions over and over. I’m sure it quickly gets monotonous. Regarding Interiors, I really think its Woody’s finest “serious” film. A lot of folks can relate to an overbearing mother or mother-in-law, marital burnout, career frustration, sibling jealousy, and how when someone is substituted for another in the family it sparks a ripple effect of change in the family dynamic. Interiors is wonderfully written and wonderfully shot. Its tone is perfect. Its a masterpiece.

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