Blue Jasmine Returns To US Cinemas, New Woody Allen Interview And More


We are definitely in awards season, with Blue Jasmine being one of the favourites for several awards, in particular Best Actress for Cate Blanchett. There’s lots going on, including a new run for ‘Blue Jasmine‘ in US cinemas and a fresh interview with Woody Allen.

Sony Pictures Classics have announced that Blue Jasmine will be released again to 300 cinemas in the US. This is up from 35 the week before. Sony ran a similar release strategy for Midnight In Paris and that worked wonders. Deadline has the full breakdown.

This should change the box office for ‘Blue Jasmine‘ significantly. Just shy of $88 million worldwide at the moment, it should surpass $90 million very soon.

To coincide, Allen did a very special interview with three journalists – Variety’s Scott Dundas, Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Gleiberman and Time Out New York’s Joshua Rothkopf. Variety has posted a preamble.

We’ve uploaded the full audio interview to our YouTube account.

Variety also puts ‘Blue Jasmine‘ as a favourite for Best Picture. Blanchett is also the front runner for Best Actress.

Comedian Patton Oswald and Kirstie Alley (who appeared in Deconstructing Alley) also tweeted about the film this week.

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