VOTW 2: Woody Allen On BBC Newsnight

This one was too good to pass up, so we decided to have a second Video Of the Week. It’s Woody Allen on BBC Newsnight, and it’s amazing to see Allen being interviewed on such a mainstream, popular programme.

The interview was conducted in France, around the time of the French premiere of Blue Jasmine.

The interview hits on familiar points – how great Cate Blanchett is in the film and flirting with the idea of returning to standup. They talk about Bernie Madoff and intercut with stock footage of Allen from the BBC archives – including a bit with Dusty Springfield. There’s scenes from Stardust MemoriesBroadway Danny Rose and Play It Again, Sam.

For us, the biggest moment is hearing how pessimistic Allen truly is, about politics, the environment and more. You can see it in his work.

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  1. Loved that interview. Woody sure gave us a lot to think about, and made it possible fir us to laugh at gloom! He’s. true genius!!!!!

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