VOTW: Woody Allen’s Side Of the Story, 1992

We never quite know how to handle the infamous scandal that engulfed Woody Allen’s life in 1992. For many people, even 20 years on, it is still the only thing that many people know about Woody Allen. The controversy involving Mia Farrow and Soon-Yi Previn is a messy and complex affair. There are so many stories on both sides, it’s probably impossible that we will ever discover the truth – of if even such a thing exists in such a matter.

This is Woody Allen’s side of the story. It’s Part 1 – the video frustratingly cuts out but hopefully the rest will surface. Allen is extremely open about the whole affair, as he’s always been. Death threats, polygraph tests and frightening Valentine’s Day cards are all discussed.

It’s a fascinating ten minute watch. It is, of course, but one side of the story. But it seems the more that’s dug into it, the messier it gets. Amongst the many revelations for us, is Allen’s claim that Farrow assumed she would continue to work on the next Allen film (which would have been Manhattan Murder Mystery). She did continue to work on Husbands And Wives after the controversy began.

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