VOTW: Woody Allen 1967 CBC Profile – On Writing and Being Funny

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A wonderful video from the CBC archives. Taken from 1967, it’s a profile of the artist before he ever made a single film. Allen at the time was writing, just starred in ‘What’s New Pussycat?‘ and ‘Casino Royale‘ and appearing as a comic talent on TV. The 12 minute profile follows Allen into his personal life, into his apartment, and while he works.

Watch the video at the CBC website.

It’s amazing how intact his very particular speaking voice has already become. As usual, it’s hard to tell when he is being completely sarcastic or completely serious. He does talk about the process of writing jokes which is fascinating. And he has already developed his love of Paris and London.

This is the era of Woody Allen that is best captured on his albums, and the collection Standup Comic. We are looking to explore this aspect of Allen’s career in the coming weeks. Especially as he’s been talking about doing Stand Up again.

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