VOTW: Woody Allen Standup 1965 – Full Show


We recently added a new section of the site – Albums. Over the course of however long we run this site, we will continue to add to it. We’ve started with Allen’s three classic stand up albums from the 60s – Woody Allen, Woody Allen Volume 2 and The Third Woody Allen Album. We will start to add official soundtracks very soon. You can find the whole thing under ‘Works’ in the menu.

For us, Woody Allen’s been more than just films. We love his stand up, his writings, his plays and his music. We hope to reflect more of that here at Woody Allen Pages.

Digging through the 60s stand up stuff, we came across this 30 minute plus stand up show on YouTube. It’s The Woody Allen Show, taped for Granda in the UK in 1965, it features many classic jokes and stories he tells on those 60s albums. But it also features quite a few that were never saved to wax either. The show also features a song sung by Danny Meehan (who also appeared in the 1969 version of Don’t Drink the Water), and a plug for his 1964 album at the end of the show!

The video features Italian subtitles and is split into three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There is a widely available compilation – Standup Comic – that collects the best from those albums. You can get it at Amazon US or UK.

Unfortunately, to find those original albums, you’d probably have to hit ebay!

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