‘To Rome With Love’ Opens In Japan 8th June 2013

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Over a year since its premiere in Italy last April, To Rome With Love, Woody Allen’s 42nd film as writer/director, opens in Japan this week. It’s not atypical for Japan to get such a late release – Midnight In Paris premiered in June 2011, but opened in Japan in May 2012.

It is likely Japan is the absolutely last territory for the romantic comedy to be released cinematically, having had a strong run throughout 2012. Japan has always been a strong market for Allen, and should add to the final box office figure for this film – currently at $73 million worldwide.

To Rome With Love‘ has a large ensemble cast and tells four stories set in modern Rome – some romantic, some surreal, all quite funny. It’s large cast includes Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Greta Gerwig, Alison Pil, Judy Davis, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz and Woody Allen himself.

Official site for the Japanese release with a full list of cinemas and times: http://romadeamore.jp/

The release date comes less than two months before Allen’s 2013 film, Blue Jasmine, opens in the US. We can probably expect that film to open in Japan in mid 2014…

Update: that poster is from the Korean release! Her is the Japanese trailer though.

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  1. Hi Danny, Thanks for a wonderful site dedicated to my favourite actor and director. I visit it practically everyday for my daily Woody fix. Just a quick heads-up: The poster you have here is actually written in Korean script and is the one for the Korean opening (which premiered, according to the poster, on April 18). FYI, I am Korean-Canadian and bilingual!


    1. Fixed! Thank you! Also, I found an official site AND trailer so hopefully it’s all good now. Phew!

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