Images Of Woody Allen And Crew Scouting Locations In France


More images have appeared of Woody Allen and his crew scouting for locations in France this week for his 2014 film. We assume this is in Nice (French readers can you confirm?). With Allen at all times is cinematographer Darius Khondji, who worked with Woody Allen on Anything Else, Midnight In Paris and To Rome With Love. Also part of the crew is Letty Aronson, Allen’s longtime producer and sister.

What are they up to? They are definitely planning production, and we can get a sense of some of the settings of the new film – and it’s definitely looking picturesque.

Attika International got a quote from Raphaël Benoliel (who also produced ‘Midnight In Paris‘) for their website.

“We have a lot of work” said a member of Woody Allen’s team, “will be here for two months.” The producer of Allen’s new film, Raphaël Benoliel (who is in fact from Nice!), commented he has worked with the director before and has an idea of what kind of locations and backgrounds he likes. It seems that we will be seeing a lot of the Côte d’Azur in this new film. Yet another film has decided to feature the beautiful French Riviera, maybe your Nice Old Town property will be in it! We are looking forward to its release!

They also note that Allen’s been spotted in the Nice Old Town and Nice Opera areas.

We will be keeping an eye out for any new images that come through. In the meantime, all this scouting gives away very little. Production, with Colin Firth and Emma Stone, is not expected to start until 9th July.

(These photos are a treat for anyone who enjoys the Directors Point At Things blog)

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  1. These shots are of Saint Paul de Vence, inland between Nice and Antibes. Some shots are at the restaurant/hotel Colombe d’or.

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