Nov News Bits 1: Greta Gerwig, Richard Benjamin, RZA, Playing Jesus, Stanley Chow, New York, Hunger Games

Our twice monthly wrap up of Woody Allen bits from around the web.

Greta Gerwig, right

Greta Gerwig, who starred in To Rome With Love, has been talking Woody Allen again. She’s out promoting ‘Lola Versus‘, and told about working with Allen.

Being chosen by Woody Allen, it’s like being chosen by God!

She also evoked Allen when talking about ‘Lola Versus‘.

We were inspired by odd seventies comedies. And I grew up on Woody Allen, who has this unmistakable take on modern relationships that I’ll always love.

Richard Benjamin, left

The AV Club caught up with Richard Benjamin, in their recurring series about actors commenting on past roles. The actor had plenty to say about being a part of Deconstructing Harry. About being on set:

It’s just a great set to be on. Oh, and he says to me, and I guess he said it to other people, “You don’t have to say anything that’s in the script. You can say whatever you want.” [Laughs.] What?! “Yeah, you don’t have to say it.” I said, “You wrote this. I’m saying every single word that’s in here. I’m not saying other things! I’m saying what you wrote.” He said, “Well, okay. If you want to, that’s fine, too.”

There’s much more about Allen, and other roles, over at the AV Club.

RZA, right, with Russell Crowe

Wu-Tang Clan‘s RZA has gone from rapping to directing, and has been out promoting his first film, ‘The Man With the Iron Fist‘. But RZA has more than action films in his sights. In an interview with film blog Hollywood, RZA confessed to a love of Woody Allen. He even has a favourite film – Hannah And Her Sisters.

See the video below.

60 Minutes and Vanity Fair ran a very interesting poll, and one of the questions asked was:

If you were directing a new film version of the New Testament, which actor would you choose to play Jesus?

Amazingly, 10% of people said Woody Allen, placing him 5th on the list. Number 1 with 21% was Denzel Washington. See the full list at Vanity Fair.

Artist Stanley Chow has designed his first ever T-Shirt. The face of that debut garment belongs to none other than Woody Allen. Indieminded has the full story, and it looks to be part of the Woody Allen tribute set to launch at L.A. pop culture place Gallery 1988.

New York City’s had it tough, and the tributes are pouring in. Anne Fitzsimmons’s written a wonderful piece for The National Geographic, and described the city as a Woody Allen/George Clooney hyrbid. That’s quite a city, eh?

As usual, we end with a parody. Here’s a poster for ‘The Hunger Games‘, made in the style of Manhattan (and named after the fictional district). We enjoyed ‘The Hunger Games‘, which featured Woody Allen alumni Stanley Tucci (Deconstructing Harry) and look forward to the sequel, ‘Catching Fire‘ out next year.

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