Fading Gigolo Filming Update: First looks at Sharon Stone, Sophia Vergara

John Turturro‘s new comedy Fading Gigolo, which stars Woody Allen, continued filming this past week in New York City. This week we got our first glimpse at two stars who have been billed from the start – Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara.

Both appeared at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC this week. We know that the plot involves Turturro, the gigolo in question, visiting different women with different lives. It looks like Stone and Vergara are playing very upper class types.

Stone is a dermatologist who hires Turturro. She also appeared in a scene involving firemen and stopped for some photos with them. Stone has worked with Allen before, playing a key cameo in Stardust Memories.

Vergara is playing a wealthy woman looking for a threesome. Clever photographers managed to snap some lingerie scenes from a window.

Just Jared and Daily Mail has great galleries.

The Carlyle Hotel has close ties to Woody Allen. It is where Allen plays Jazz on most Monday nights. Woody Allen himself was not around for this week’s filming.

We have now seen all the major stars in action. We will keep you up to date with any more filming sightings.

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