VOTW: Woody Allen Praises ‘Goodfellas’

This week’s video was uploaded last week by the people at the American Film Institute (or AFI). It’s very simple – Woody Allen talking about Martin Scorsese‘s ‘Goodfellas‘, and why he loves it.

We have no idea when it’s from (it doesn’t look recent), or the context of their interview with Woody. The AFI has been putting up videos from their large archives – this must just be another one.

It’s a very short clip, but it’s always nice to see the always self depreciating Woody Allen talk about something he truly loves. It’s also extra rare that Allen has good things to say about American films.

1990’s ‘Goodfellas‘ is, of course, a classic. Scorsese has already returned the compliment, by appearing in Woody Allen: A Documentary, singing Allen’s prasies. Allen and Scorsese shared billing in the anthology film New York Stories, and (as we just reported) will both be appearing in the documentary Casting By.

And here’s the ‘Goodfellas‘ trailer

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