VOTW: Mark Kermode Reviews ‘To Rome With Love’

A short, sweet and special video of the week this week. To celebrate the release of To Rome With Love in the UK, we bring you the video of BBC film critic Mark Kermode (and Simon Mayo) giving his warmly positive review.

We are big fans of BBC5’s Kermode And Mayo’s Film Review radio show, and it is a must have podcast. They’ve been at the film review game since 2001, and for our money, it’s the best film review programme in any format, anywhere. This video is special for another reason. The show recently did a James Bond tribute show with an entire orchestra, and was filmed for television.

It’s no surprise that Kermode likes the film, as he has often sang the praises of Woody Allen.

Mark Kermode also has a fantastic blog.

Here’s other Kermode reviews from their show, that was filmed since the show started having a video camera in the studio.

Midnight In Paris

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

Lot’s of flappy hand work.

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