Magic In the Moonlight


Magic In the Moonlight‘ is the 44th film written and directed by Woody Allen.

Magic In The Moonlight‘ is Allen’s 44th feature film, made in the South of France. Anchored by a great screenplay and some strong performances, the film really dances with its scenery, costumes and overall escapism. It’s a crowd pleaser that lacks the killer wallop of some of Allen’s best work, but it’s a joyous getaway nonetheless.

Colin Firth stars as Stanley, a magician out to debunk a ‘fake’ psychic who has fooled a rich family in the south of France. That psychic is Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) who instead manages to shake Stanley to his core with her powers. But nothing is ever quite what it seems.

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  • Magic In the Moonlight‘ was shot in the South of France.



  1. what are the locations where this was filmed in the south of France? Bar scene towards the end of the movie? I can’t find any info on the location sites for this film

  2. Way back in 1972, I bought a guitar songbook – “The Songs of Don McLean”. On the inside page, it had a quote from Don which said:
    “If something makes you feel a certain way, there’s no reason to analyze it to find out why. The trouble with most people today is that they are never satisfied until they have destroyed whatever magic they found in the first place…….and I believe in magic.”
    For some reason, I have never forgotten this and, on seeing Magic in the Moonlgiht, it all made sense……….again. This is a belief that’s timeless and I’m so happy with. Thanks Woody.

  3. One of Woody Allen”s best films. Beautiful costumes, cinematography and locations. Brilliant story and extraordinary performances. The more outraged Colin Firth became in this film, the funnier he was. I dont think it was intentional but his intellectual arrogance cracked me up. One of my favorites.

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