APROPOS OF NOTHING Europe Release Round Up

Woody Allen’s memoir, Apropos Of Nothing, is set to be released in the Europe, rolling out in the next several weeks. Here’s a round-up of the details.

We’ll update this page with more details as they come.

Germany – 7th AprilPre-order link

Publisher Rowohlt will be releasing the book with a similar cover to the US version. It is currently listed as a best seller on Amazon.

Italy – 9th AprilPre-order link

Publisher La nave di Teseo has committed to publishing the book. Their editorial director Elisabetta Sgarbi even did an interview about it. The Italian version has a very different cover.

“I haven’t heard any dissenting voice these days. If ever there will be, however, they will obviously be able to express themselves but they will not have any influence on the publication of the book. To make a comparison: in the publishing house, all those who work there, they are delighted to be the publishers of Woody Allen. And anyway, we are talking about a really nice book.”

Spain – 21st May

Publisher Alianza Editorial has confirmed the release date, with more details to follow.

France – TBC

French publisher Stock are have publicly stated that they are trying to win back the rights for a release on 29 April. No further details yet.

The chief executive of Stock Manuel Carcassonne spoke about his support for Allen.

Meanwhile, the cancellation of the US publication by Hachette has been met with wide spread criticism. It’s interesting that it has come from all over the world, from male and female writers, from all aspects of the political spectrum and in many major publications.

Here are just some of the publications who have come out against Hachette.

There’s plenty more, and more to come I’m sure.

No news on an English edition of Apropos of Nothing just yet, but we hope news will come soon.

Stay safe everyone. We will have more updates on the site very soon.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this post. I can’t wait to read Woody’s autobiography. The world is upside down. I’m furious. First they robbed me my Woody Allen yearly film and now they are robbing me the opportunity to read his autobiography in its original version. Well, I’ll just breath and go watch a Woody Allen film. We love Woody!

  2. Can’t wait for the English version, which I Pre-ordered from Amazon on March 2, 2020. I have not heard anything from Amazon about cancelling my order. Will keep checking with you and them on this.

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