Woody Allen’s WONDER WHEEL Released 9th Sept In US

“As usual, we have nothing to show you”.

That was the line from Bob Berney, head of Amazon distribution, talking about the new Woody Allen film Wonder Wheel at CinemaCon 2017. Amazon put on a lunch to show off their year ahead, a huge slate of films with an eye on auteurs and award contenders.

The only detail appears to be a release date, reported by Variety, as 9th September. A little later than usual, it will put Allen more in the range of fire of other awards contenders.

Allen has been so (typically)  coy about his new film, there wasn’t even any notice that his deal with Amazon had extended into a new film. Amazon distributed both Café Society and Crisis In Six Scenes last year – Wonder Wheel will be their third collaboration with Allen. We don’t know if this is a multi-film deal, or if Lionsgate will also be involved like they were with Café Society.

The year ahead, it seems likely Wonder Wheel will see its debut at a film festival in the next couple of months before starting it’s US run, following in Europe. In the US at least, it will end up on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

We are bound to get a lot more details in April. The upcoming film will star Jim Belushi, Juno Temple, Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet.

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  1. Folks this is gonna be another one of Woody’s classics. I can feel it. We should expect a trailer by, what, Memorial Day? Speaking of trailers, has anyone seen the trailer for Adam Sandler’s new film Sandy Wexler? With the exception of Punch Drunk Love I’m not really a Sandler devotee, but the trailer for his new film looks intriguing. It looks like a hearty homage to Broadway Danny Rose. I wonder if Sandler’s character will handle such talents as the lady that entertained by playing the wine glasses, or the parrot that sings, “IVE GOTTA BE MEEEEEE!!!!”

    GO WOODY!!!!

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