Blue Jasmine Filming Locations – San Francisco, New York, Nyack

Blue Jasmine saw Allen return to America after another stint abroad, but he surprised his audience by not returning to New York – at least not fully. Allen announced that the film would be made in San Francisco, where he made his very first film Take The Money And Run (1969). Although some scenes would feature New York.

Since Annie Hall in 1977, which featured some LA, Allen has never shot in America outside of his immediate surrounds of New York (and New Jersey). But Allen has said that San Francisco is a city he loves very much. But there are no doubt financial reasons as well – Allen only leaves New York because it’s cheaper to do so.

For San Francisco, Allen departs from his postcard prettiness of portraying a city. In fact, he avoids the city’s landmarks on the whole. Golden Gate Bridge is in the background, and a scene with iconic trams was cut.

Of course, part of the story takes place in high society New York and large beach houses in Nyack.

Here’s the filming locations for Blue Jasmine. Some we don’t know at the end of the post.

Filming Locations.

Plane shot

This opening shot is a CGI creation.

San Francisco International Airport

Jasmine arrives, and this is the real San Francisco International Airport.

It seems like the shot on the plane was filmed in the airport as well.

Ginger’s place
305 South Van Ness Avenue, SF

Ginger’s flat, inside and out. The New Central Café has closed down.

Hal and Jasmine’s beach house
152 Dune Road, Westhampton Beach, Long Island, NY

Seen several times from several angles.

Augie’s Flat
2179-2181 48th Avenue, San Francisco

We only ever see the outside of where Augie lives.

Mauboussin Jewelry
714 Madison Avenue, New York.

Jasmine shopping in New York. That store is now gone.

Fendi store
667 5th Avenue, New York

Jasmine shopping with Ginger. This store has also closed.

South Street Seaport, NY

Ginger and Augie go sightseeing. They later get the limo at the start of the the seaport on South Street.

The Roxy
2 6th Avenue, NY

Ginger spots Hal coming out of this building.

The Ramp
855 Terry A Francois Boulevard

Chilli arrives with Eddie.

Just south of there, on Illinois St, Ginger calls Al.

Washington St, corner Grant Avenue, SF

The group walk around Chinatown. They cross this intersection.

Taylor St, corner Green Street, SF

The group take their selfie here.

Dentist office
790 Ulloa St, SF

Dr Flicker’s office.

Aub Zam Zam
1633 Haight St, SF

Very uncomfortable drink with Flicker.

12 Britton Avenue, Belvedere, SF

The party where Jasmine and Ginger meet Dwight and Al.

Ocean Beach, SF

Seal Rocks is in the background.

Dwight’s house
79 St Thomas Way, Tiburon

Dwight’s deluxe home.

Historic Escalle Winery
771 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur

Jasmine and Dwight go antiquing.

Golden Gate National Park
A look out on Conzelman Road, SF.

Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Motel Capri
2015 Greenwich Street, SF

Establishing shot. We assume the interior.

Gaspare’s Pizza House And Italian Restaurant
5546 Geary Street, SF

Jasmine babysits.

Casa Lucas Market
2934 24th Street, SF

Where Ginger works.

2191 16th Street, SF

Jasmine buys flowers. The store is no longer there.

Shreve & Co
150 Post Street, SF

Jasmine and Dwight look at rings.

836 Marina Boulevard, SF

Dwight throws Jasmine out just west of Baker St.

Gary Brawer Guitar Repair
115 Lafayette Street, SF

Danny’s job.

382 Park Avenue, NY

Hal is arrested between E 53rd and E 54th Streets.

South Park, SF

Behind her we can see South Park Café, 108 South Park Street.

Unknown Filming locations

Filming took place at the following locations but we couldn’t match the scenes.

– 3565 20th Street, San Francisco – interior shooting.
– West Broadway near Beach Street, New York

Find more in our Filming Locations series, and help us track down Unknown Filming Locations.

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  1. Its been said that having money and then losing it, is worse than never having any money at all. This maxim is very poignant in this film. Woody hit the nail right square on the head with this piece. Jasmine was really at a loss without her fancy possessions and fancy friends. In her dogged determination to hold on to these “things” that provided her emotional gratification and earthly sustenance she lost her way. With the onset of social media you can see potential “Jasmines” all around. Women (and certainly men too) validating their existence by owning the latest $2000 this or the latest $2000 that. Its Barnum & Bailey Beverly Hills materialism and consumption overload. There was an interesting article on the website Jezebel a few years ago which brought up the idea that young women are seeking gratification not by trying to achieve things in the real world, but that they were trying to live up to the “Kardashian Lifestyle” and the materialistic escapist world that social media has provided for so many. In other words, for example they were less inclined to want to go to law school and get a law degree, but instead they would rather use that money to acquire a couple of $10,000 outfits from Neiman Marcus. Anyway, it was an interesting article. Maybe Jasmine, on her way up, should have taken some advice from Ray and French Fox on their way down. To keep a level head, everyone, every once in a while needs to recalibrate – by washing their hands clean in the finger bowls. Clean fingers being the metaphor for clean minds. No matter how many chicken chips cookies you eat or how many “Top Louie’s” you have hanging on the wall, at the end of day Ray just wanted a good cheeseburger. The most important thing, is to go through life with acceptance, forgiveness, and love!!!

    GO WOODY!!!!

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