Fading Gigolo wk4: 14.7m box office, UK Interviews and Reviews

Four weeks into release for Fading Gigolo, and it’s been a good run. Another healthy week at the box office, and new excellent pieces from the UK where the film is about to be released.

Fading Gigolo‘ has now earned $14,729,499 globally. Leading the charge are strong showings in Italy ($5.8m), France ($1.3m), Brazil ($1.2m) and Spain ($1.1m). Next week sees the film released in the UK, which should add to this total significantly.

John Turturro

The UK release sees some new press from there. Best of all is a new lengthy profile on John Turturro in The Guardian. It’s a great article, with great insights into Turturro as a person. They discuss the film and of course, Allen is discussed.

On the sexuality in the film

Everybody has their own individual sexuality, sensuality. There are people like Jeanne Moreau or Judi Dench who have this fascinating sexuality to them. They are not beauties, really, but sometimes people who are really beautiful do not actually have that much sexuality. I am not saying I do, by the way. The title of this film could have been Not Too Pretty, easily. I’m just saying that sometimes they are so used to receiving attention and not giving it or listening or holding it. I do not see a lot of movies that have sensuality. I can go to a Wes Anderson film and appreciate it, but it is completely sexless.

On Allen’s notes for the script

He sent me these voluminous emails which I would lay down to read. Woody would tell me, ‘I hate this … I hate this … I hate that … I like this.’ He saw that I could take his withering criticism. He encouraged me to read some Isaac Bashevis Singer. I really got to know him way better than most actors who have worked with him, except the ones who have worked with him 10 years.

The Telegraph also spoke to Turturro.

On working with Allen

I wrote the character for Woody, and I wrote it using some of his iconic rhythms. He’s a very strong person. I’m not afraid of that. I could withstand his barrage of notes, and still come back with my own way of trying it.

On ‘Fading Gigolo‘ being a Woody Allen film

That’s fine. All I have to say to them is: Woody doesn’t have an army coat on, and he doesn’t have khaki pants. That’s a bigger accomplishment than anybody knows. He’s got burgundy pants, and a black suit jacket: Come on! That’s not easy.

The Guardian also gave the film a positive review.

Fading Gigolo‘ is the kind of work you find yourself forgiving for its flaws because there is a core of sweetness and mildness to his films, and because their incidental pleasures often add up to more than the sum of the movie itself.

Finally, here’s the UK trailer.

Fading Gigolo‘ is out in the UK and Ireland 23rd May 2014.


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