VOTW: Woody Allen On Colourisation, 1987

In 1987, the controversy over colourisation hit its peak. New colourisation companies were adding colour to old films without any consent, or direction, from the original creators. And a bunch of those creators rallied against it, and sought the US government’s help to create laws to stop it.

This hour long video features Woody Allen, along with Ginger Rogers, Sidney Pollack (Husbands And Wives) and Milos Forman – and they are speaking to a Senate Judiciary hearing. What’s great is to hear Allen talk about film and his love for the format. Where Pollack and Forman tell personal stories and give the facts, Allen actually paints a story, and a great insight into how Allen’s mind works.

The main Woody Allen bit goes from 1:38 to 9:12. Although he contributes and answers questions.

It’s great to hear Allen talk passionately about film. His knowledge is vast, and he compares the impact of a black and white Annie Hall versus a colour Manhattan.

Colourisation really ended up being a small issue, as it never proved profitable. Which probably means we are safe from a 3D version of Broadway Danny Rose. However, we are still far from the artists rights that these directors are fighting for.

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