VOTW: Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan Impersonate Woody Allen

We have reached into Bullets Over Broadway in our series of reviews, which truly begins the era of Woody Allen surrogates. Some good, some bad – they are a long line of people doing Woody Allen impersonations. It got us thinking about the very best ones – and these two came to mind.

Hailing from the UK, Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are comic royalty, and master impersonators. In 2010, the two starred as exaggerated versions of themselves in ‘The Trip‘, directed by Michael Winterbottom. In the film, the two challenge eachother to regular impersonation contests.

One of the ones they tackle is Woody Allen

The scene is largely improvised, and they obviously know their Woody Allen material.

Probably the best one is Allen alumni Michael Caine (Hannah And Her Sisters)

We would love to see either actor in a Woody Allen film. And ‘The Trip‘ is definitely worth checking out. Who do you think does the best Woody Allen?

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