Fading Gigolo Filming Update: Liev Schreiber, Vanessa Paradis, Midnight Cowboy

Update! It seems a racist, anti-Jewish website has linked to this page because of the image of Liev Schreiber. Can I just say, hi you racists. Fuck you and your small cocks that make you so angry at things you don’t understand. Go die! Bless.

Fading Gigolo, the new film from John Turturro, starring Woody Allen, continued filming this week in NYC. This week we got a very good look at Liev Schreiber‘s character. We know he’s named ‘Ode’, now we know he’s playing a ‘Williamsburg Shomrim Officer’, one of a group of volunteer law enforcers around the New York Jewish communities. He’s grown a thick beard and, like Vanessa Paradis, playing an Hasidic Jew. In one scene, he was brandishing a baseball bat.

More jewish humour included Vanessa Paradis, whose character is called ‘Avital’, leaving what looks like a school, surrounded by jewish children, getting pushed around. Both actors had scenes with Woody Allen, as well as each other. John Turturro stayed behind the camera.

As for Allen himself. He had some scenes playing baseball in a beanie, as well as some with a bunch of kids on a street.

Cordon Press has a great gallery. And plenty of photos below.

According to Simply Showbiz, Turturro has described the film as a “sort of ‘Midnight Cowboy‘ meets Broadway Danny Rose“.

IMDB doesn’t list it yet, but Jweekly claim Turturro’s character is named Fioravante. They also picked up on the fact that this is looking like a VERY Jewish comedy.

Still no sign of any of the other stars such as Sharon Stone or Sophie Vergara.

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