VOTW: San Francisco ’68 – News Of Woody Filming Take The Money And Run

Woody Allen continued location shooting of his latest film in San Francisco this week. It’s been very exciting for the SF residents, who have been out in force, and with plenty of camera phones.

It’s Allen’s second time directing a film in San Francisco. The first was, amazingly, 44 years earlier for his directorial debut – Take the Money And Run. The folks over at 7×7 have unearthed a great news interview with Woody Allen as he was making that first film.

What is great about his footage? Woody Allen at his deadpan witty best. The reporter, from KPIX, and his great 60s Newsman voice. And we have the location of the bank to add to our location map.

We’ll have a full wrap up of another week’s filming in San Francisco over the weekend.

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