VIDEO: 10 Things About SHADOWS AND FOG – Trivia, Cast, Locations And More

Our latest video is about Shadows And Fog, one of Allen’s strangest films. It was a deliberate experiment, a surreal murder mystery. It is not one of Allen’s known films, but the story behind it is fascinating. We dig into only some of it in our video.

1. The film he starred in, in the same year
2. The commercials he made for an Italian grocery chain
3. The book it was based on
4. The German Expressionist influence
5. Kafka-esque
6. Allen’s starring role
7. The lotsa cameos
8. Madonna
9. That crazy set
10. And the end of Orion Pictures

We love making these videos and it continues our series looking at every Allen film, alongside our book series. If you want to know more about these films, we recommend you check them out. They also help pay for the running of this site.

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