Mighty Aphrodite

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Mighty Aphrodite‘ is the 25th film written and directed by Woody Allen.

Coming off two really great comedies, Mighty Aphrodite brings Allen back to contemporary New York for more fun. This time it’s ‘Pygmalion‘ set in the Woody Allen world. It’s a fun, light hearted comedy that doesn’t have much to say. But it’s anchored by plenty of jokes and one amazing performance.

Woody Allen stars as Lenny Weinrib. Together with his wife Amanda (Helena Bonham Carter), the two adopt a child who turns out to be especially gifted. When Lenny gets obsessed by his genetic heritage, he tracks down the mother only to discover she’s a lowly prostitute named Linda Ash (Mira Sorvino).

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Cast & Crew

  • Michael Rapaport‘s first of two Allen films. He would return for Small Time Crooks.
  • Claire Bloom‘s second appearance in an Allen film. She first appeared in Crimes And Misdemeanors.
  • Cameron Diaz was considered for the role of Linda Ash.
  • Woody Allen actually considered Mia Farrow for the role of Linda Ash. He was talked out of it.

Locations (show all)

  • The majority of the film is set and filmed in New York City
  • The Greek Chorus scenes were not filmed in Greece, but in Sicily. Specifically, the Teatro Greco in Taormina.



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