The Woody Allen Pages is proud to present The Watcher's Guides. It's a series of ebooks that will cover far more than anyone really needs to know about Woody Allen's films. It is the ultimate fan resource.

The Watcher's Guides will come in volumes - each volumes covers 6 films. Every chapter covers:

  • Story of how the films were conceived
  • Stories from the films’ production
  • Quotes and first hand accounts from the cast and crew
  • Trivia on who missed out on roles, original story ideas that were discarded, deleted scenes and much more
  • Box office information
  • Our favourite quotes
  • Focus on key songs
  • 6 films to watch that inspired the film, or was inspired by it (one more than our web version)

The Watcher’s Guide for each film features:

  • Every music cue
  • Every location we could find, with many new uncovered by us
  • Information on every cast member, big or small
  • Unpack every literary, art and film reference
  • Every car
  • Every doctor joke, every dentist joke, every California joke, every Hollywood joke, every Television joke.
  • Every time someone is in therapy, talks about therapy, refers to therapy, refers to a therapist and generally we just tagged anything about therapy.
  • More. Lots more.

Because they are ebooks, we will be updating them constantly, when new interviews or new research appears. We also incorporate as much original writing from the website, and we have many more ideas.

The Watcher's Guide Volume 4
(version 1.0 - out now)

Volume 4 covers:

The Watcher's Guide Volume 3
(version 1.1 - out now)

Volume 3 covers:

The Watcher's Guide Volume 2
(version 2.1 - out now)

Volume 2 covers:

The Watcher's Guide Volume 1
(version 2.1 - out now)

Volume 1 covers:

Cool stuff you will find in Volume 1

  • A list and descriptions of as many Annie Hall deleted scenes that have ever been mentioned, leaked, or otherwise discovered.
  • The weird cameo by Sidney Lumet‘s dad.
  • Enough info on all those Russian writers and books referenced in Love And Death so you can totally fake it.
  • What Isaac Asimov thought of the science fiction bits of Sleeper