Irrational Man Soundtrack

various-artists-irrational-man-original-motion-picture-soundtrackReleased 17th July 2015

1. The “In” Crowd – Ramsey Lewis Trio (5:51)
2. Amalthea – Mikey B (3:50)
3. Bach’s Prelude no. 2 in c, BWV 847 – Bernard Roberts (1:38)
4. Good To Go – Daniel May Jazz Combo (1:03)
5. Let Me Call You Sweetheart – Paul Eakins (2:39)
6. Bach’s Suite no 1 for unaccompanied cello in G, BWV 1007: Prelude – Torleif Thedéen (2:12)
7. Look-A-Here – The Ramsey Lewis Trio (3:12)
8. Bach’s Prelude no. 18 in g#, BWV 863 – Bernard Roberts (1:37)
9. Wade In the Water – Ramsey Lewis (3:50)
10. Angel In the Snow – David O’Neal (4:03)
11. Darn That Dream – The Jimmy Bruno Trio (5:47)

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  1. You’re Jewish. I’m not. But I can’t help feeling that everything you’ve done and the music you’ve chosen make me feel as though you must be my long-lost brother (I’m going on 82 so I can talk like this without fear of reprisals). As an old Videotape and Film (New York) Producer, I’m very picky when I watch your films but I always wind up saying that they’re exactly how I would have done them — with a few modest changes (but, then, what guy scrutinizing another guy’s work doesn’t think he would have done things a little better in one or two spots)? I also know that kind of thinkin’ is stupid.

    I lived in Manhattan for a bunch of years. (62nd between 2nd and Third). AT&T recruited me from Chicago and I never went back. I worked with Steve Baker (let your fingers do the walking) and Bob Widener and Jack Byrne in building AT&T’s new trillion dollar business. Who knew we would be that successful? I’ve been building companies ever since. Every film of yours I see says, “New York.” I wish I were there. I love ’em. All of them. Keep it up. Please.

    I used to bump into you and a nice young lady when you were walking (around 61st street and Lex or Madison) from time to time and I always wanted to tell you how I loved your stuff but you looked as though you were having lots of fun so I checked that impulse and thought, “some other time.”

    Once, in Hollywood, my wife and I stopped for a drink at the bar in Tail of the Cock. As we sat there in the empty restaurant in mid-afternoon, a black guy walked in with what appeared to this old disk jockey’s eyes as an envelope that had the shape of a new music album. I turned to my wife and said, “that’s Error Gardner. That man and his music have meant more to my life than I can express.” She said, “why don’t you say hello?” “No, he’s talking to the bartender and I really shouldn’t bother him. Some day I’ll catch him alone and tell him how much of his musc has touched my soul. But I can’t do it now. He’s busy.” My wife casually said, “you’re nuts. GO OVER THERE!” I didn’t. And I’m reminded of that day whenever I hear Erroll in your films.

    Two weeks later, Errol was gone. That taught me a painful lesson. I wish I could tell him now.

    Usually, when I got back to New York on business, I’d catch Bobby at the Carlyle. I miss those nights. I’m glad you’re there. It’s appropriate. I’m glad I know where I can hear you play. Thanks for all you do and have done and have yet to do.


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