Filming Locations Map

An ongoing, work-in-progress of all Woody Allen filming locations. Please send us a note and tell us what we’re missing!



  1. A couple locations for BULLETS OVER BROADWAY

    Scene: David Shayne and Helen Sinclair have drinks at a speakeasy after the first rehearsal. Location: Old Town Bar on 18th street.

    Scene: The two have another tête-à-tête in the park by some water. Location: The Boathouse in Prospect Park

    One location for ANNIE HALL:

    Scene: Alvy and Annie walk back to their apartment after spending the day in Brooklyn.
    Location: 131 e 70th street; the entrance is next door to Corrado Bread & Pastry.

  2. No problem. I just found a bunch of locations for “Manhattan Murder Mystery” which haven’t been listed on any other movie sites. Let me know if you’d like them and i can send them your way.

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