Woody Allen is finishing post production on his new film, called Rifkin’s Festival. And we now have one more piece of the puzzle – who is supplying the music. Academy Award nominated Stéphane Wrembel is returning to work with Allen for the third time. Wrembel announced that he was back on Facebook. According to his […]

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Mediapro Confirms Europe Plans For Woody Allen’s 2021 Film

Mediapro, the Spanish mega entertainment company, have confirmed they are in talks with Woody Allen about producing a new, 2021 film. It follows Mediapro’s upcoming film with Allen, currently titled Rifkin’s Festival and due for release later this year. The news was given by Jaume Roures, the president of Mediapro, in a new statement today, […]

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Every Cinematographer from Woody Allen’s Films – Gordon Willis, Carlos Di Palma, Darius Khondji, Vittorio Storaro and More

Woody Allen is the film critic’s darling, and outside of directors, the role that critics love to talk about is cinematography. And with Allen, rightly so. Allen himself has never been the most technically minded, or technically patient, filmmaker. Yet he is meticulous about making beautiful films. The result is Allen usually allows cinematographers to […]

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