Every Cinematographer from Woody Allen’s Films – Gordon Willis, Carlos Di Palma, Darius Khondji, Vittorio Storaro and More

Woody Allen is the film critic’s darling, and outside of directors, the role that critics love to talk about is cinematography. And with Allen, rightly so. Allen himself has never been the most technically minded, or technically patient, filmmaker. Yet he is meticulous about making beautiful films. The result is Allen usually allows cinematographers to […]

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Shadows And Fog Blu-ray Out Now

Shadows And Fog is the newest Woody Allen film to hit Blu-Ray. The release comes from Twilight Time who have been releasing Allen films on limited edition Blu-Rays for the last couple of years. Like all their releases, ‘Shadows And Fog‘ is limited to 3000 copies. ‘Shadows And Fog‘ was first released in 1991. At […]

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