Introducing the Woody Allen Pages Podcast

I am thrilled to announce the Woody Allen Pages is going to also be a podcast. It’s been in the works for many months now and it’s finally ready to launch later this month.

Here’s the short introductory episode and links on how to subscribe.

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We will be looking at every Woody Allen film. It won’t be chronological – we’ll jump around from era to era, but the plan is to go through all 49 of Allen’s films. There might even be a 50th by then. We’ll do the whole thing in seasons of ten or so episodes. I have ideas for bonus episodes and hope to get the odd guest on the show down the line. We’ll do a listeners question episode if we get enough questions too.

That means for the next ten or so weeks at least, this website will be also a podcast website. We’ll still do all the regular site news as it happens. The podcast will take us into the tenth year of this website (at least)! Who’d have thought.

They are essentially audio documentaries that take a lot of time to put together. So for the first time I am going to be running a Patreon to help support both the podcast and the running of this website. After doing this alone for almost ten years, any help would be appreciated. Find out more at our Patreon page.

Become a Patron!

You can also support us by buying one of our books, or some Merch with the podcast artwork at Redbubble. Or give us a five star review on your podcast app to help us with discovery.

I cant wait for you to hear these podcasts and let me know what you think. We kick off in two weeks – keep an eye on the website and your podcast feed for updates.

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  1. Bravo!! This is great stuff, and the artwork for the merch is nice as well; very early Rushmore Tenenbaums Wes Anderson vibe. I like the way Mel, Robin Williams character from Deconstructing Harry is blurred out – “No this is not an allergic reaction!!!”

    GO WOODY!!!

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